Evacuated Tube Specialists

Endless Solar is an Australian owned and operated company. Since 2004, Endless Solar has been designing and supplying Evacuated Tube solar hot water systems and pioneering the acceptance of the elite Evacuated Tube technology in Australia.
Endless Solar is committed to delivering the best solar thermal technologies to deliver major cuts in energy use AND in greenhouse gas emissions. We have earned a reputation as a leading supplier and designer of the finest solar water heaters through our award winning design.
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Commercial Projects

Endless Solar specialises in designing large-scale hot water plants for commercial applications that require high volumes of hot water – from Bed & Breakfast accommodation, to multi-unit residential apartment blocks, to aged care facilities – and everything in between.
Endless Solar also has specialised computer modelling capabilities, providing energy modelling and custom design services. With an extensive range of commercial-grade Endless Solar systems pre-approved for STCs
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Domestic Products

Our range of packaged domestic solar hot water systems are WaterMarked and fully certified to Australian Standards. Our Evacuated Tube solar collectors carry a genuine 15 year warranty.
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How it Works

Customer Testimonials

Endless Solar has maintained an excellent record of customer satisfaction. Since 2004, there have been thousands of Endless Solar Systems installed across Australia - and thousands of happy customers enjoying free hot water.

“System is going very well. No problems at all. Very pleased with its performance.”
Michael, Harden NSW

"We had no trouble at all with the system through winter, just lots of hot water. From September until May our showers are totally sun-powered which is a great feeling"
Scott, ACT
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Key Advantages

Evacuated Tube technology is a truly 'universal' solution. Endless Solar collectors are suitable for ANY Australian roof, and do not need to go on a north facing roof. They are also light-weight and modular to allow for an easy installation, without having to reinforce your roof.
The Endless Solar system is perfect for cold climates; Tested to the latest Australian Standards for both Hail & Freeze Resistance without the need for a heat exchanger or Glycol (AS/NZ 2712: 2007) to temperatures as low as -15°C
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Top Reasons to Choose Endless Solar

  • Better Evacuated Tube technology
  • Bigger Savings on your hot water bill
  • Smarter solar hot water designs
  • High quality products backed with genuine warranties
  • Proven credibility and expertise
  • Expert advice in solar thermal solutions
  • Simply looks and works better than other systems
  • Solid reputation and many years experience
  • Personalised service
  • Australian Standards® Certified designs, processes and components
  • Ready for rebates
  • Built to Last
  • Australian invention - proven right across Australia... and the globe
  • Active in the community
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