Endless Solar Systems Beat Frost!

Did you know that Frost and Cooler conditions can have a major impact on some solar systems?

Recent press has described certain solar systems which failed and were damaged due to frosty conditions, leaving customers with the frustration of repairs or replacement to organise.

Many parts of Australia experience anywhere between 1-150 days of frost each year (see Figure below) so it is important to invest in a solar system that performs well in any weather!

The solution?

Endless Solar Systems use Evacuated Tubes, a long-standing technology that is well known for its exceptional performance under frosty, cold or cloudy conditions.

Endless Solar systems:

  • Exceed the Australian Standards (AS/NZ2712:2007) for freeze resistance (down to minus 15°C) without the need for a heat exchanger or antifreeze.
  • Have high energy absorption properties; and
  • Superior insulating properties

Map sourced from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, click here for more information.

Endless Solar Pitching Frames